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My blog is all the madness that goes on within my head.


when your mom tells you to get off the computer


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her face screams
"i don’t give a fuck"
  • me, about to get mauled to death by a wolf: puppy! who's a handsome puppy


If my children don’t share my love of Disney I am going to be so sad.

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im very accepting i have friends from all 3 hogwarts houses that arent my own

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My dad was complaining about buying me books yesterday and I said “well at least it’s books” and then the cashier goes “yeah it could be drugs”

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so me and my dad are watching a documentary about a man that killed his children and the presenter turned to the camera and said ‘how could anyone ever think about killing their child’ and my dad sat there looking straight at the tv and said ‘trust me its not difficult’ he then looked at me and sighed

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